I’m a graphics programmer from Sri Lanka currently working as a Developer Technology Engineer at Imagination Technologies in the United Kingdom. I have experience in developing high-end rendering techniques and doing low-level performance optimizations on PC and mobile platforms. I enjoy problem-solving on complex codebases and I’m passionate about learning the latest and greatest graphics techniques and like to dabble in all aspects of game engine programming.

My main skillset includes proficiency with with C/C++ and multithreading, knowledge of advanced real-time rendering techniques, ray-tracing, low-level graphics APIs and experience with GPU profiling and optimization using tools such as RenderDoc, PIX and Nsight.

Apart from graphics, I’ve had a long-time obsession with playing guitar and writing progressive metal music. I enjoy recording the occasional guitar cover from scratch along with all the mixing and mastering work, you can find one such cover below.

In addition to covers, I used to play in a few Sri Lankan bands, the most recent of which is a Progressive Metal band called Constellation where I played lead guitar and contributed to a lot of their original music. I’m particularly proud of our 11-minute epic titled “Pillar of Light”.